Campuestohan Highland Resort Bacolod

5 Places to Cool Down this Summer around Your House and Lot in Bacolod

It’s yet again that season of the year where the blazing summer heat and physical exhaustion from work and school are starting to crawl on our backs. It’s about time to put the daily routine aside and relax! Go on a family trip. Spending some quality time with your loved ones can break the monotony of the daily grind, plus, it reinforces the family bond and builds new memories. You will find plenty to do with Bacolod’s trove of vacation destinations. Here are some:

Bacolod Golf & Country Club

Bacolod Golf & Country Club

Golf is a kind of sport that is mentally and physically challenging but it’s a wonderful way to encourage exercise among members of the family. Marapara Golf and Country Club is the ideal place to de-stress as the clubhouse teems with amenities like a driving range, swimming pool and spa. Although it is a membership club, it welcomes visitors as guest members as a gesture of hospitality―a trait that Bacolodnons are known for. Bond with your youngins and explore this family-friendly game!


Bantug Lake Ranch

Bantug Lake Ranch Bacolod House
(Facebook / Bantug Lake Ranch)

In a world where technology is a massive part of everyday life, it’s good to break away every once in a while. Relax at the solace of nature and explore the great outdoors! What better way to do this than to go fishing? Imagine being surrounded by the sweeping sight of the countryside while the calm ripple of the water and the sudden pull of the rod excite you. Bantug Lake Beach, located on the outskirts of Granada Alangilan Road, is a perfect destination to go fishing. You can even go horseback riding and canoeing. Entrance starts at P50 per head while fishing is at P250 per kilo.



Kuppa Bacolod

Family trips are made easier when food is not a problem. When you have a house in Bacolod, finding a gastronomic summer delight is the least of your worries. The city is bristled with some of the most sought-after restaurants in the country and one of which is Kuppa. What started out as a small café is now a best-selling diner. Aside from its noteworthy coffee, its halo-halo is just as heavenly. This Pinoy favorite is only available during mid-March to May. The store is seated at 1 Tindalo St. cor. Hilado Ave while price starts at P140.

The meld of leche flan, fruits, beans, crispies, milk and shaved ice is just the perfect taste of a vacation treat.


Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort Bacolod
(500px / Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr.)

Campuestohan Highland Resort’s verdant environment is not your run-of-the-mill picnic place. Aside from its Baguio-like climate, you can enjoy the scenic view of Mt. Makawili while sharing a hearty meal with loved ones along its lush grasslands. Another highlight of the place is their igloo-like lodgings called “Bonita huts.”

At first glance, the surroundings look like a scene out of a Hollywood movie with its carefully designed houses and aesthetic backdrop but it’s just situated right in the boundaries of Bacolod City and Talisay City.


Mambukal Mountain Resort

ambukal Mountain Resort Bacolod
(Flickr / Jerry Erie)

The refreshing pools, mountain streams and bats are some of the top attractions in the resort. Yes, you read that right.  You can go bat-watching at Mambukal Mountain Resort. Bats are creatures that may get a bad rap but are actually beneficial to the environment. They eat millions and millions of night-flying insects and they improve genetic diversity! Aside from this, bats look fascinating when they dash along the sky. Oh, and the ones found in this area are called Flying Foxes, a type of bat that see well during daylight.

Entrance fee for adults is at P50 while kids (11 years & below) costs P20. For their accommodation, here is a list of prices.

A family vacation is one way to have a fresh perspective and a clear mind so make the most of it. One of the many perks of owning a house and lot in Bacolod is being surrounded by a multitude of vacation spots. If you feel like your family is in need of a break; you’ll be on the road in no time.




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